The Bird Nerd

Rob Mikulec

Most people are surprised about my love of nature and hobby photographing birds, landscapes and other animals. I've spent my entire career in business where my team and I are currently responsible for improving the profitability of a major retailer in Ontario. Although strategy, analytics and process keeps my mind busy, my heart's passion is to be outside photographing everything this world has to offer. Sadly I feel like that is decreasing every day given the environmental impact the human race is currently having on our world. Wild spaces are shrinking in size, and I feel like I need to capture these moments, not only for myself and my two daughters, but as a reminder that every decision has an impact big or small - from saying no to that straw, to choosing to donate time and energy to environmental charities. I don't claim to be a holier than thou environmentalist, just a father and husband that wants to protect the wild species our planet has to offer for the next generation.